Widex Sound Assist

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Suitable for compatible Widex Moment and Moment Sheer hearing aids (see below), Sound Assist makes it even easier to hear those sounds that really matter to you. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand yet packed full of the following features:

  • Partner microphone mode which enables you to hear one-to-one conversations even clearer
  • Table microphone mode so you can hear everything that's being said in big group situations like company meetings or family meals
  • Hands-free phone calls for great sounding calls on the go
  • Bluetooth streaming from your devices, so you can hear audio from your mobile phone or TV directly in your hearing aids
  • Remote control for changing hearing aid volume and programs
  • Telecoil mode so even if your hearing aid doesn't have one you can still connect to the loop system that are usually in churches, theatres and other public buildings


Sound Assist is compatible with the following Moment and Moment Sheer hearing aids:

  • sRIC R D
  • mRIC R D
  • RIC 312 D
  • BTE 13 D
  • BTE R D

Sound Assist is 43x43x16mm in size and weighs 32g. It is powered by a Li-ion battery that gives 10 hours runtime (mixed use) from a 3 hour charge.

Contents: 1 x Widex Sound Assist, 1 x neck loop, 1 x power adaptor, 1 x micro USB charging cable, 1 x user guide