Signia/Rexton Vented Click Sleeves - Size M (x6)

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Each pack contains 6 x size M Vented Click Sleeves suitable for:

  • Rexton MotionCore iX, RIC and SR
  • Signia Active/Active Pro
  • Signia Pure X
  • Signia Silk X CIC
  • Signia Styletto X

Click Sleeves can be removed from the receiver or thin tube for cleaning. We normally recommend that they are changed every three months although it can be earlier if they have become stiff or brittle. Always ensure that when fitting a new (or cleaned) Click Sleeve that you push it firmly and as far as possible onto the receiver or thin tube before inserting into your ear.

Please ensure you know the correct style and size before ordering. If you are a bloom hearing customer then contact our Customer Care team on 0800 612 7978 so we can check your account.

We can only accept unopened, re-saleable packets for a refund. Opened packets are not accepted.