Bronze Service Pack for Widex hearing aids

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Looking after your aids is key to years of hearing happiness so, to make that nice and easy for you, we have a great selection of Service Packs suitable for Widex non-rechargeable hearing aids to help keep them maintained and running perfectly.

Our Bronze Service Pack gives you a 2 year supply of all the essentials needed to keep your hearing aids working at their best and saves you £41.85 over buying them individually.

The Bronze Service Pack consists of:

  • hearing aid batteries
  • filters
  • hygienic wipes

For Widex BTE/RIC wearers you will also receive a 2 year supply of:

  • domes/ear tips

After your purchase we will send an initial supply of these essentials tailored to your hearing aids. When you need more, simply call our Customer Care team on 0800 612 7978 and we'll send whatever you need throughout the 2 years.

Not sure if the Bronze Service Pack is the right one for you? Our Customer Care team can advise so give them a call on 0800 612 7978.



Terms & Conditions
The purchase of a bloom hearing specialists Bronze Service Pack entitles you to a 2 year supply of hearing aid batteries, filters and hygienic wipes. BTE/RIC wearers will also receive a 2 year supply of domes/ear tips.

The items you receive will be dependent on the make, model and quantity of hearing aids you have and are subject to our fair use policy. All items are covered by the respective manufacturer's warranties.

Initial Supply
Upon purchasing a Bronze Service Pack you will receive 10 packets (60 cells) of hearing aid batteries, 1 pack of filters and 100 hygienic wipes. BTE/RIC wearers will also receive 1 pack of domes/ear tips.

Additional Supplies
When you require additional supplies, contact our Customer Care team on 0800 612 7978 and we will send these to you, subject to our fair use policy.

Fair Use
The consumption of hearing aid batteries, filters, cleaning supplies and domes/ear tips will vary depending on the make, model, quantity and usage of hearing aids. However if we determine that requests for these items exceed manufacturer's guidelines then we reserve the right to cancel the agreement with no refund.

Right to Cancel
You can cancel your order up to 14 days after the items have been delivered by contacting our Customer Care team on 0800 612 7978. We will send you pre-paid packaging for the return of the items and once we have received the items then a refund will be issued within 14 days.